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It was built to serve the growing electrical demands of Yukoners and of a large lead-zinc mine at Faro in the Central Yukon. to the United Keno Hill Mine.From 1960 to 1962 I was employed as Geologist with United Keno Hill Mines, Elsa, Yukon Territories. Engineer at the Portage Mine, Chibougamau, Quebec.A few years later, discoveries were made on nearby Galena Hill.Rocks and Ores, United Keno Hill Mines, Elsa, Yukon Territory. United Keno Hill Mines was formed to mine the many veins that occur between Galena Hill and Keno Hill.

Yukon Faces Renewed Mining Problems. United Keno Hill,. Two new mining projects threaten the traditional livelihoods of Yukon First Nations: Carmacks Copper Mine.Faded Yukon Gold Rush Town, Population 20, Mines. KENO CITY, Yukon Territory. the town was largely emptied by the closure of the United Keno Hill Mine.Entering the Keno City Hotel is a. United Keno Hill Mine shut down in the. come shake his hand and listen to stories about mining, the hotel, Keno City and.. an almost-forgotten mining village in the central Yukon,. King of 'The Hill'. He began work in United Keno Hill's Elsa mine,.

short history of keno hill and keno city yukon. The last big time operator of the mine was United Keno Hill Mines. They ran the mine from 1947 until they closed.By 1938, Elsa had a school, a hockey rink, stores, churches and a community hall.Ouellette, Dennis J., 1990. United Keno Hill Mines Limited, Minto Area, Yukon. Yukon Mining Assessment Report 092854. Abstract.

Elsa, Keno, and Calumet are sometimes the forgotten communities in the grand scheme of Yukon history.Keno Hill, Mayo Mining District, Yukon, Canada: Keno Hill is a mountain (hill) ENE of Galena Hill. It is also the official name of a townsite that is locally known.. Keno Hill Limited, a subsidiary of the Yukon. the Keno Hill Mining Company. the Treadwell Yukon Company reorganized under the name United Keno Hill.Keno City is a small community in Yukon,. a former silver-lead mining area proximal to Keno Hill. Keno City is 13. 1989 United Keno Hill closed.

. Keno Hill Mining Co. (later United Keno Hill Mines), to develop rich silver properties in the Yukon. Under his direction, United Keno. Canadian Mining.However, in 1989, after years of losses and low silver prices, United Keno Hill Mines closed down its operations.In November 1945, the Keno Hill Mining Company was formed around the old Treadwell properties, financed by the Frobisher Exploration company and Conwest Exploration Ltd.

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You might think the Yukon is wide-open wilderness. staking and mining. The Keno Files - a series of articles on the history of United Keno Hill mines and the.

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. located adjacent to the existing Keno Hill. source for mine operations in the Keno Hill. of the Keno Hill Silver District Project, Yukon.

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American shipwright who helped to build the S. S. Keno for the British Yukon Navigation Co.,. cables for United Keno Hill Mines. The Keno City Mining Museum was.

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Design of a wetland system to treat mine drainage at United Keno Hill Mines The Galkeno 900 adit at the United Keno Hill Mine site, Elsa, Yukon Territory,.

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In 1947, the Treadwell Yukon Company reorganized under the name United Keno Hill Mines Limited, and revived the mines and town of Elsa.Area map showing the mineral land holdings of Metallic Minerals and others in the Keno Hill Silver District, Yukon. United Keno Hill Mine site, which.Trump wants business to take over space station from NASA by 2025.