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Such correction schemes include the transmission of correction signals over a two-way radio link or broadcast via FM radio station subcarriers.Furthermore, the systems are generally only effective in line-of-sight conditions, such as rural settings.Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that this step is relatively straightforward to implement using the data stored in the location signature data base 1320 (i.e., the verified location signature clusters discussed in detail hereinbelow).

That is, the architecture of this first embodiment is simpler than that of the architecture of the location engine 139.Accordingly, the program descriptions in this section provide the reader with an overview of this first embodiment of the context adjuster 1326.Of course, hybrids between the first two embodiments can also be provided.Factors include terrain undulations, fixed and variable clutter, atmospheric conditions, internal radio characteristics of cellular and PCS systems, such as frequencies, antenna configurations, modulation schemes, diversity methods, and the physical geometries of direct, refracted and reflected waves between the base stations and the mobile.That is, if it is known that for a given area, there is a reasonable probability that a GPS signal may suffer multipath distortions and that the location center has in the past provided reliable location estimates, then the confidences for these two location sources may be reversed.That is, the weighting, for each of the single area type prediction mapped cluster densities, is the fraction of the total area that this area type is.For example, the deadreckoning MBS location estimator may be reset when an MBS operator manually enters an MBS location or verifies an MBS location, or a computed MBS location has sufficiently high confidence.For example, the HBS FOM has no use for digital filtering structures, whereas the TDOA module would not be able to process an HBS response message.Accordingly, for each cell, its corresponding tally may be interpreted as height of the cell, so that when the heights of all cells are considered, an undulating or mountainous surface is provided.

This process and system provides a mechanism for optimizing not only the artificial neural network architecture, but also identifying a near optimal match between the ANN and one or more signal processing filters.

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Boolean (true if adjustments to the fields of this location hypothesis are to be.Such path information may be derived for each time series of location hypotheses resulting from the FOMs by maintaining a window of previous location hypotheses in the MS status repository 1338.Note, it is assumed that there is at most one loc sig here per Base Station in this collection.For example, an embodiment of the present disclosure optionally includes low cost, low power base stations, denoted location base stations (LBS) above, providing, for example, CDMA pilot channels to a very limited area about each such LBS.

However, to more easily describe the present disclosure, a single confidence field is used.The control element orchestrates the flow of control between the various daemons.However, an embodiment of the present disclosure reduces this tedium.Repeatable loc sigs may be, for example, provided by stationary or fixed location MSs 140 (e.g., fixed location transceivers) distributed within certain areas of a geographical region serviced by the location center 142 for providing MS location estimates.For example, the performance database is consulted to determine how well this particular First Order Model has performed in the past in locating an MS for the given time of day, month of year, and area type.

Note that some of the terms defined hereinbelow are illustrated in FIG. 24.After the appropriate surveillance commands are established on the MSC, such 9-1-1 call notifications messages containing the mobile station identification number (MIN) and, in U.S. FCC phase 1 E9-1-1 implementations, a pseudo-automatic number identification (a.k.a. pANI) which provides an association with the primary base station in which the 9-1-1 caller is in communication.From the BS 122 perspective, it is preferred that the strongest first four CDMA delay spread fingers and the mobile station power level be collected and sent to the location system 42, for each of preferably three BSs 122 which can detect the mobile station 140.Also note that it is within the scope of the present disclosure that the location track queue lengths may be a length of one.

Description. This is a newer, limited edition (only 500 pieces) AZIMUTH SP-1 ROULETTE in stainless steel with see-through exhibition case back. The black dial has a.Thus for a particular MS location area estimate (described by a COA), it may be both dense urban and urban at the same time.[Archive] Page 902 Sales posts by private sellers & Sponsors To post items for sale you must be registered for at least 90 days and have 100 posts on the forum.In an one embodiment of the present disclosure, it is an aspect of the present disclosure that for MBS location data received from the GPS and location center, their confidences may vary according to the area in which the MBS 148 resides.{Red Velvet - The 1st Mini Album 'Ice Cream Cake'}. This is the automatic ver with bjh photocard. I also want to buy the icc ver, but I'm too broke rn;_.© AOL Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privacy | Terms of Use | Preferences | Contact Us.

G-Loc R360 Galactic Meteors. Roulette RoundAbout Roundabout Route to India Rox 64. Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth Woodys World.An object of this type is a collection of (verified) location signatures that are associated with the same MS 140 at substantially the same location at the same time and each such loc sig is associated with a different base station.In cases where the pANI is known from the onset, the signal processing subsystem 1220 avoids querying the MSC in question to determine the primary base station identification associated with the 9-1-1 mobile station caller.Moreover, the output from such a model may include: a latitude and longitude for a center of a circle having radius R (R may be an input to such an artificial neural network), and is in the output format of the distance model(s).Also note that common fields between loc sigs referenced by the same composite location object may be provided in the composite location object only (e.g., timestamp, etc.).That is, the adaptation engine 1382 directs the modifications of the system parameters so that the location engine 139 increases in overall accuracy in locating target MSs 140.Note that this module may also be daemon or expert system rule base. (35.6) hypothesis generating module 1428 for generating additional location hypotheses according to, for example, MS location information not adequately utilized or modeled.Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 122, Number 895 1 Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley, Loc. Lignan.

This calculation is performed by retrieving information from the area characteristics data base 1450 (e.g., FIGS. 6 and 7 ).Note that the two signal measurements RRSS BS and SRSS MS can now be processed in a variety of ways to achieve a more robust correlation with distance or shadow fading.Thus, the confidence for a manual entry of location data by an MBS operator may be rated the highest and followed by the confidence for (any) GPS location data, followed by the confidence for (any) location center location 142 estimates, followed by the confidence for (any) location estimates using signal characteristic data from LBSs.

Thus, the antecedent for such a rule can evaluate to TRUE if the FOM outputs a location hypothesis, and the consequent portion of such a rule may put the output location hypothesis on a list of location hypotheses occurring in a particular time window for subsequent processing by the location center.Note that the steps herein are also provided in flowchart form in FIGS. 26 a through 26 c.Negative logic Venn diagrams can be generated which deductively rule out certain location estimate hypotheses.This is one embodiment that essentially nulls noise completely, even if strong and recurring, as long as that same noise characteristic does not occur in the opposite path.From the inactive state 1700 the MBS (e.g., a police or rescue vehicle) may enter an active state 1704 once an MBS operator has logged onto the MBS location subsystem of the MBS, such logging being for authentication, verification and journaling of MBS 148 events.Cooperating receiver selection for UMTS wireless location US8456302 28. jul 2009 4. jun 2013 Savi Technology, Inc.

Each LBS 152, when put in service, is placed at a fixed location, such as at a traffic signal, lamp post, etc., and wherein the location of the LBS may be determined as accurately as, for example, the accuracy of the locations of the infrastructure BSs 122.loc the boeing company - space division s t u d i e s o f i m p r o v e d saturn v v e h i c l e s and i n t e r m e d i a t e p a y l o a d saturn v e h i c l e s (p-115) summary d o c u m e n t d5-13183 final r e p o r t p r e p a r e d under c o n t r a c t n u m b e r n a s 8 - 2 0 2 6 6.The blackboard system employed requires only that the daemons have application knowledge specific to the MS location problem addressed by the present disclosure.The location controller 1535 receives data input from an event generator 1537 for generating event records to be provided to the location controller 1535.Further note that a confidence factor here can be raised as well as lowered depending on how well the target loc sig matches or is consistent with the population of loc sigs to which it is compared.


However, the MBS location information from each MBS baseline location estimator is inherently substantially unpredictable and unsynchronized.